#30daysofgratefulness, Day 26, Take a Pause, When it’s Necessary!

I’m grateful for taking time away from constantly thinking about my life. I am hopeful you are stopping yourself from thinking too much as well.

Hey, we all need a break from the humdrum of life precarious side roads and sometimes we have a tendency to let our mind settled in on preoccupying about future plans. Yet, Friends, life is going to go whether you are on the front wheels driving or chilling inside the back seat of a car.

What good does it serve your higher purpose to always stay on the move, but you don’t allow yourself the ability to sit down and rest your mind?ย  I like to visualize our bodies as a battery. Once the battery life span is low, things begin to slow down. There is less energy for gathering the action plans you have created for yourself, therefore, causing lackluster performance when you could have turn down the volume on your physical activities and sat somewhere doing absolutely nothing.

The best results requires the least resistance. And, there’s nothing earth-shattering to allow yourself to do nothing. I would not recommend doing nothing for an exceptionally long period of time, yet I do see the positive benefits to give your mind a chance to rest.

Despite this #30dayofgratefulness challenge, I have prolonged my daily posts because quite simply I’m human and needed a break to recharge. I won’t beat myself up since I didn’t adhered to my personal goals, however, as long as I continue writing my posts, that is what counts the most.

Determination is great, yet taking care of your mental and emotional self-care is a far greater step toward understanding the real principles behind holistic living. As always, I wish you a peaceful Memorial Day and remember to ask yourself this, what are you grateful for?

#30daysofgratefulness, Day 25, Tomorrow isn’t Today, Focus on the Now

Nature is the best example for focusing on the present moment.

I sat on the porch watching mockingbirds fly across my lawn for two hours on a 72 degree early evening. I never knew the incredible sensation of being totally relax, until I felt subtle moments when the cool breeze would slide across my skin. I could see the perspective of Ralph Waldo Emerson mystical pasturialism experienced when he wrote, “Self-Reliance.” I relied upon the clouds surging back and forth across the sky reconfiguring my state of mind. I could hear the crickets chirping, hiding between the sheets of grass.

I’m grateful to allow myself the opportunity to experience what I smell, see and taste in the now. Life is less complicated enjoying the pleasures of nature. I hope you can take a second, go ahead, walk outside and sit on your porch and exhale the evening air. Peace is found just breathing. As always, smile and remember to ask yourself, what are you grateful for?

#30daysofgratefulness, Day 24 A Job, Really? CREATE your Own Enterprise๐Ÿ‘‘๐Ÿ‘‘๐Ÿ‘‘

There is too much uncertainty pertaining to the American economy. Do I believe this is the best time to start your own business?

Yes, absolutely!

The time for always holding on to one stream of income is over. Working for one employer for the next 20 years, then retiring with a pension is a pipe dream. Millennials and Generation Z need to realign and focus on a specific goal, which is creating a business to serve humanity.

Think about it, what is the one skill you know how to do? Do you believe you are capable enough to teach that skill to a targeted audience? If you possess enough confidence, then don’t limit your potential. Go ahead and put yourself out there! There are limitless opportunities for you to build the lifestyle you always wanted and deserve.

Do you love crunching numbers? Then teach people how to solve math problems online? Have a magical linguistic gift for speaking and writing multiple languages? Then apply your linguistic skills and teach people how to learn, for example, Amharic or Farsi.

Hesitation kills opportunities for personal growth. While the rest of the global leadership decides on the best method to finally open up the world economy again, look inside of yourself and really come to terms on the one skill that you know how to do exceptionally well. I’m grateful that the one skill I’ve known about myself is, I love helping people figure out how to solve a personal development question about themselves. They don’t know how to do it, but I have access to resources they can utilize to help propell them towards the right direction. It’s like renavigating a lost sheep back on the right mountainside. All it takes is a little coaxing.

My sincere hope is for you to find out the one skill that can change your life forever. Once you unlock your one hidden talent, then the rest of world will open up. Opportunities to build more businesses will flow like a reservoir. The unconventional road is bumpy, yet the rewards of personal freedom and peace of mind is worth giving yourself a shot at true happiness. As always, smile and remember to ask yourself, what are you grateful for?

#30daysofgratefulness, Day 23 Letting go Negative Thoughts from Your Mind

Anxiety is building up for millions of Americans. Yet, during the month of May 2020, this could be the charging force to relinquish negative doubts about your future. What do you believe is holding you back for living your best life? Sometimes, we are too critical of ourselves. We should appreciate all the aspects of our personalities that makes us the unique shining light we are,emitting love, truth and compassion. Patience to love ourselves is tested daily by the actions of people, whom are possibly not designed to stay with us during our spiritual journey.

The best method I’ve learned after years collecting emotional bruises is understanding the bruise will eventually heal. I would remember how I eventually developed the bruise, yet, it doesn’t mean I have to carry on the residual pain of how I got the bruise in the first place. My steps on forgiving myself when I felt like I didn’t fulfill societal dictation on hitting personal milestones, is reminding myself, it’s not about how I got to my destination, but it’s all about experiencing the journey.

The journey of life is designed for you to truly know who you are and why you are important. I will never allow another person to reduce my self-worth, because I’m just an atom floating in a big universe, yet, I’m packed with creative energy and progressiveness. I love myself. I love myself so much that I want you to know I love you too, whomever you are. Please know your worth. Have faith in yourself. And, if there are certain people in your life, who simply don’t understand you, that’s okay too. Keep it moving.

Find out who you are. When you do discover how amazing you are, it doesn’t matter on how people perceive you. My perspective is, this is me. I am being my authentic self. I am not your cup of tea, cool, I will carry on. I will eventually meet the right group of people in my life and so will you.

My dears, love yourself, honor yourself, therefore, you never have to question yourself. As always, smile, and remember to ask yourself this question, what are you grateful for?

#30daysofgratefulness, Day 22, D.C. Cafeteria Food Workers are Dedicated to fight COVID-19

I bet in high school, every one knew one cafeteria worker who would be the first person to smile at you, asked, “how you were doing?” and even offered an extra slice of pizza, never expecting you to hack up more of your lunch money at the check-out counter.

She or he were the compassionate person ready to administered either a stern lecture or greet you with the best hug under the sun. They are often shrugged away from receiving the credit they, whole-heartedly, deserved. The cafeteria workers, also, are working on the front-lines during the COVID-19 pandemic in D.C.

Mayor Muriel Browser initiated during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, a taskforce mandating chosen D.C. public schools on serving students, parents and the community at-large for disseminating free breakfast and lunch meals that are scheduled for picked up during the hours of 10 AM to 2 PM. A small fraction for allocating the once surplus the D.C. government accumulated during the best streak of tax revenue generated in history before the pandemic shutdown close to 90 percent of D.C. civil services (I know quite of few people are beyond elated there is currently a freeze on collecting delinquent parking and speeding tickets. No worries on getting a boot on your car my friend, at least, for now).

In hindsight, I’m going to place my two cents down and tell all cafeteria workers, I appreciate you. The cafeteria workers who have chosen on continuing to serve their communities, when they could have easily comped for sick leave, many blessings to you. Despite this foreboding crisis in America, you are present, showing us how to merged our hands for giving back to a community that desperately needs you. You are not forgotten. You are priceless and every child in this city will not go hungry while the rest of the Westernized global leadership twiddle their thumbs expecting, what’s next?

As always, smile and think about during your next trip at the grocery store, while your child is sitting at home, bored out of their minds, waiting for the day to returned back to school, what are you grateful for?

#30daysofgratefulness, Day 21 My Favorite Local Health Food Stores in the DMV ๐Ÿ‰๐ŸŠ๐Ÿ‹๐Ÿฅ—

Before the arrival of big box health food markets, like Whole Foods, there was a special time in D.C. when customers financially supported mom and pop’s local health food stores. Growing up in a farmer’s household, my maternal grand-parents where raised on farms in the low country of South Carolina and the coastal region of the Cheseapeake Bay. Their ideology for food is “either grow the produce yourself or buy local.”

The unpredictability of America’s food chain system is suddenly collapsing. I believe it is essential to shop at locally-sourced health food stores. I’m grateful these businesses have survived over the years. If you live in the DMV area, then it would work in your best interests to stop by when there is free time during the day to check out your local health food markets. Here’s a list of my favorite local health food stores:

#1 Brown’s Market, is my ultimate go-to place. This health food store has been around for over 20 years. A family owned business, they sell loose herbs, teas, herbal supplements (you will not find a lot of their products at Whole Foods), vegan food and holistic books. Sometimes, I don’t need anything when I go inside Brown’s Market, however, the family and staff are so lovely, I might end up picking up an item that I probably won’t need in months. Please do check out their collection of holistic reference books, truly good stuff๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿฝ

#2 Natural Health Center, serves customers easily with 2 locations in District Heights and Temple Hills Maryland. My Caribbean folks needing a proper ol’ fashion granny holistic advice, there is an on-site herbalist ready to answer any questions you may have, in regards to herbal supplements and how the herbs corresponds to your body. Women health is a prominent focus for the family owned business. In addition, if there is a product you cannot find at the store, they will place a special order for you. Check them out. Amazing insight and wonderful owners too!

Senbebe Cafe, NW Takoma D.C. photo by Groupon

#3 Senbeb National Foods Co-OP, is a one stop shop for all your holistic essentials. Not only do they sell locally-sourced organic foods, but they hosts seminars from holistic living to spiritual tarot card readings. Sweet baby Jesus, they also serve one of the best vegan food in D.C. I’ve ever tasted! If you’re planning to stop by on a Sunday, they do offer a brunch menu that is simply delicious. I would recommend their vegan Chicken and Waffle dish. Why not throw in a side of their tasty vegan omelet or vegan Cheseapeake-style crab cake? Nom yourself to death with their food! I promised never a disappointment with serving size or the taste.

#4 Blue Nile Botanicals, is located right on the historic Georgia Avenue strip directly across the street from Howard University. I like to think of this place as a herbal brewery offering over hundreds of strands of loose leaf herbs. The shopkeeper sells the herbs from ounces to pounds. Please let them know exactly how much you need. Even though the shop is an intimate space and crammed with shoppers, the staff will take their time to assist you, if you have any questions. The best time of the day to go is probably when Blue Nile Botanicals opens their doors.

Well, this sums up my favorite local health food stores. I invite you to share with me any local health food businesses I’ve missed on this list. It would be my pleasure to update this list for my fellow DMV holistic shoppers.

Thank you for taking the time out to read this. And, as always, smile and think to yourself, what are you grateful for?

#30daysofgratefulness, Day 20 You Are Enough

It took me 35 years to appreciate my worth. I’m grateful that I finally arrived at this point in my life, in which, realizing I’m enough and so are you. You’re all that you need.The answers to all of life troubling questions lies within.

Life is an amazing journey. Sure, there were thorns piercing my backside. I was thrown in the bushes and it took all of my 20s and early 30s for pillaging through the piercing blood of life lessons. Yet, those lessons created the person I am today. I would never bypassed those lessons.  I’ve become a mold of beautiful contradictions.

The simplicity of living is once there is a pivotal breakthrough discovering the Self, there is no turning back. You can never return to being ordinary, deciding on ordinary decisions, embracing an ordinary life. You realize, “hey, the world is a magical place, therefore, I must fulfill whatever destination I’ve set for myself and I have to grasp the experience of living in the Now.” Philosophical books, like The Tao teaches the act of surrendering to Self. When I was reading The Tao in my early 20s, I wasn’t in the best mind set for comprehending the rationality behind tossing my ego away and allowing my Self to shine.

Right now, at this second, you’ve got to decide on what is true for you. No one else can claim your truth. Babbbby, once you’ve recognized your truth, there is no going back to a factitious lie of how you should observe reality. The reality is here, you have a choice, embrace it or let other people dictate your reality. I choose to create each day with a purpose, a fixated intention.

Are you afraid to look at yourself in the mirror? Do you like the image you see of yourself? What are you willing to sacrifice to manifest a positive Self-image?

I hope, one day, you can find your eternal Nirvana and let go of what society tells you who you should be and what you should be doing. Commensurate with yourself. Spend time alone. Tune in more into how you are feeling. Don’t allow the desolate heartbeat of society to control the rhythm you desire to create in your own life.

As always, smile and truly think about, what are you grateful for?

#30daysofgratefulness, Day 19 Soothing Herbs to Burn ๐ŸŒฟ๐ŸŒฟ๐ŸŒฟ

We live in a stressful society. We’re still navigating this new normal since March 2020. Yet, if you need to incorporate a more relaxing mood inside your home, then I would recommend buying organic herbs to burn. I’m grateful to share my favorite scents with you. Here are my top 3 favorite scents to promote a peaceful environment:


1. LEMONGRASS, this soft and earthy aroma is guaranteed to lighten your space. I enjoy burning lemongrass incense when I feel like I need a boost of energy. Scent profile, citrus based notes.


2. COPAL, Meso-American populations were known to burn this resin incense for clearing negative energy during spiritual ceremonies. Deriving from a tree species called Bursera, this resin scent profile is earthy, sweet and smoky. The scent reminds me of clover, pepper and vanilla mixed into one calming sedative to relax the mind.


3. CEDARWOOD, promotes grounding, stabilizing, mindfulness, meditative states of awareness. I burn cedarwood incense when I need to centered myself, especially, if my day is heavily involves high levels of mental activities. Scent profile, spicy, woody and warm.

Take a few moments later on today and burn these amorous scents to enlivened your sense of balance. I hope this will inspire you to refresh your surroundings burning my favorite scents. As always, smile and remember to ask yourself this question, what are you grateful for?

#30daysofgratefulness, Day 18 Cleaning out the clutter, When it no longer serves you๐Ÿก

I began practicing during the cycles of the full moon and new moon to physically clean my living space. Human beings have been drawn to the energies of the moon cycles since antiquity. Since becoming more accepting of my spiritual growth, I’ve found myself equally connected to the natural cycles on Earth, in particular, paying closer attention to what is going on with the moon cycles.

I will try my best not to be so “ethereal” on my perspective on astronomy, the planets, and orbiting stars, at this time, let’s not navigate through the milieu of esotericism. But what I find to be my truth is putting action on my daily sprucing up to keep my space clear from clutter, I like to intentionally focus on any emotional issues that could pop up during my cleaning. If past events no longer served me and I’ve learned the lesson from the experience, then I need to let go of that memory too.

Yes, it’s wonderful to re-energized our living spaces, yet, without placing an intention to fully release the physical and emotional clutter while cleaning, then the intention loses its full potency of release. Releasing past trauma, my God, was and still is a challenge. I invite you to embrace this challenge for the upcoming Full Moon, scheduled on May 7th, 2020.

Known as the ๐ŸŒบFlower ๐ŸŒ• Moon, this moon cycle will be the last Super Moon for 2020. Why are super moons important? Due to their low horizon in the night sky, in which, increases the gravitational pull on the Earth, this super moon is also historically known for showing an increase on the moon’s optics by 7 percent or more. Therefore, there is an immense amount of power for manifesting a intention or releasing negative thoughts when gazing at the moon.

Here is an exercise for you to try out:

Secret sauce, manifesting journal. Everyone needs one.

1.The night before and during the Flower Moon, start organizing or reorganizing your space. Please don’t forget to light a white๐Ÿ•ฏ๏ธcandle. Create a space filled with comfort, for instance, I love burning Vetiver incense.

2. Do you see a item you have not worn in over 60 days? If you identify what you no longer need, then give it away, donate it, or sell it.

3. In the midst of cleaning, what are you thinking about? What is the first thought popping up in your mind? Keep a journal, it isn’t necessary to purchase a fancy journal, a simple 99 cent notebook will do, along with a pen to jot down any emotions bubbling up inside your notebook.

4. Once the cleaning is done and you have written down any previously upsetting situation, then it is time to burn the paper. Release it and move on. This is one of the full equivalencies for spiritually purging through past traumas.

I thank you for taking the time out to see an alternative side for releasing negative thoughts. I hope this information will serve you as a guide. As always, smile and remember to ask yourself this question, what are you grateful for?

#30daysofgratefulness, Day 17 Holding Your Integrity, Despite the Odds

Let’s face it, sometimes it can be a seriously difficult situation to walk away from a hostile argument. We have all experience, at one point throughout our daily lives when someone has to make a point that they are angry and they want more than anything to spew their hatred on you. Is it beneficial to respond back to the individual who called you out of your name?

At first, the word, the angry party used to diminish your worth as a human being is degrading, it’s a psychological shock to your brain. You cannot believe someone dare to disrespect you in such a vile manner, however, you must choose not to engaged. There is a ongoing fight with your ego and the ego cannot win. Don’t succumb to an animalistic response towards another person’s behavior.

I would rather choose a peaceful closure of events versus raising my blood pressure to validate my existence on the planet. I know that I am fully conscious person. I don’t need to validate myself for anyone besides my personal spiritual connection. I owe it to myself to never respond towards hostile behavior, because I come from a place of love. The loving response is to let that person live their moment and move on.

Compassion is missing from the world. What would I gain to add more misery to a person who is clearly showing signs of emotional discontent? It doesn’t serve a purpose to be a douchebag, even if the other person was experiencing a bad day.

Everyone has tough, emotionally draining days, yet it is up to the individual to choose either a path of upward serenity or taking a nose dive down Dante’s Inferno. In general, especially during this time when they are billions of people hurting, trying to figure out this “new normal” we’re all experiencing. We need solidarity not emotional violence.

I’m grateful to share this with you and my fellow wishes are that all human beings can attain a peaceful state of mind. As always, smile and remember to ask yourself, what are you grateful for?